Simple Baby Carrier 618

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MATERIALS 100% Cotton
For babies 4 months to 3-4 years
SKU: ВV4\1
Manufacturer: I love mum
1163.75 Kč

An ergonomic baby carrier (unlike classical ‘kangaroo’ carriers) provides physiologically proper position with legs wide exposed. In this case the load falls not on a crotch but is evenly distributed among hips, buttocks and back. This position is recommended by orthopaedists as safe for the baby.

The slings of the carrier are specially tailored for comfortable wearing (crossed on back).

The slings contain 0.5 cm height isolon inside (that is used in sport and travel backpacks manufacture). Thin slings do not create thickness at their cross. You can wear the slings crossed at the back but it is less comfortable due to their shape. Detachable parallel connecting strap for slings. The baby carrier is designed with stitches at the back in the area of baby’s bottom to provide physiologically proper M-position.

The detachable strap at the belt is available for rolling up the carrier. The collapsed carrier can be used as a hipseat for short-time baby carrying.

Safe baby positions: "in front", "behind", "on thigh".

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