Maternity and nursing long sleeve Lora berry

In stock
For maternity and nursing
Composition: 5% Elastane, 95% Cotton
Product length: 66 cm.
Sleeve length: 60 cm.
Manufacturer: I love mum
578.95 Kč

Long sleeve Lora for maternity and nursing is hard-wearing model for pregnant and nursing mums for all cases of life, it has classic design which perfectly combines both with classic and sportive style. Descret nursing is unseen and very comfortable.

The double-layered wrap top T-shirt is designed with hidden side slits of the inner layer for discreet nursing.  

The article is great for the pregnancy period. Resilient fabric stretches over the growing belly. 

You can wear it before and after pregnancy and breast-feeding as well. 

Practical length allows you to wear long sleeve even on late stage of pregnancy and bright composition of colors will make you the most stylish mum! 

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