Lite Baby Carrier 128

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MATERIALS 100% Cotton
For babies 4 months to 3-4 years
SKU: ВV1\2
Manufacturer: I love mum
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An ergonomic baby carrier (unlike classical ‘kangaroo’ carriers) provides physiologically proper position with legs wide exposed. In this case the load falls not on a crotch but is evenly distributed among hips, buttocks and back. This position is recommended by orthopaedists as safe for the baby.

This baby carrier is designed with fabric net at the back for baby’s comfort in hot weather. You can easily open it using a zipper. The hood is hidden in a back pocket (it is useful when the baby sleeps).

The slings of the carrier are specially tailored for comfortable wearing (parallely on back).

The slings contain 2.5 cm height foam rubber inside. You can wear the slings crossed at the back but it is less comfortable due to their shape.

The connecting slings’ strap is permanently attached.

Baby carrier back width34 cmBaby carrier back heigth38 cm.

Safe baby positions : « in front", "behind", "on thigh".

The set is completed with double-sided sucking linings for slings and a fixed connecting strap.

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