Jumpsuit DSKM-02-45 mustard

In stock
Fabric: Batiste
Length of pants from waist: 109-110 cm
Manufacturer: DS (Donna-Saggia)
1871.36 Kč
1046.79 Kč

Summer jumpsuit from Batista. Shelf the smell, the pants: wide, straight.

On the shelf of pants pockets. Thanks to the elastic belt and the jumpsuit is fixed on the figure.

Not for the first season among the fashion trends - overalls. And this is not surprising: convenient, unusual and - if successful, the style and the texture of the most effective.

Therefore, the overalls fell in love with many girls, it is hard to imagine clothes for women, which would stroenie, young, would always look very impressive.

Hardly any women's wardrobe there will be another such a practical garment, like a jumpsuit. Today jumpsuits of different types can be worn to work, Dating, glamorous parties, and even evening dresses is to exit on the red carpet. A very important part of putting on a jumpsuit, there is no need to think about the problem of selection of "top" and bottom" of the ensemble, the jumpsuit itself is a ready solution to the problem.

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